• Continuing urbanization, demographic change and structural housing shortage ...
    Time for a pan-European residential real estate fund!
    With an attractive risk/return profile and diversification potential, the fund is aimed at knowledgeable or (semi-)professional investors.

    The key visual developed by brandtec and the elaborated USPs add the desired communication stringency to all sales materials. Information designs and an underlining visual world offer the target group the best possible insight into the investment strategy.

    brandtec creates the product information and extends the product campaign with a fund portrait, portfolio,
    presentation templates, exhibition stand and creative consulting tools.

  • For the second year in a row, brandtec is already designing the hausInvest annual report.

    The striking design follows on from the previous year and creates transparency with a high recognition value through clear lines.
    In addition to the clearly laid out set of figures, Commerz Real’s 2019 focus themes “Living Sustainability” and “Working 4.0” will also be highlighted.

    With over 800,000 investors and a fund volume of 15 billion euros, hausInvest is one of the largest open-ended real estate funds in Europe.

  • Relaunch of the website

    Strengthening the KENSTONE brand by increasing visibility

    brandtec, the branding and design agency specializing in the financial sector, and the digital full-service house comwrap are realizing a modern communication channel for one of Germany’s leading real estate valuation companies:

    The new website of the Commerzbank subsidiary presents itself in a contemporary design, with easing tools and improved usability.

    According to the wish “More than just a real estate valuer”, an online presence is created that paves the way for positioning the company as an industry trendsetter.
    Concept and design: brandtec GmbH

    Technical concept and implementation: comwrap GmbH

  • With its clearly structured design and striking colour coding, brandtec has created a fresh flagship for hausInvest with its real estate gallery.

    By assigning the secondary and tertiary colours for the types of use “office, shopping, hotel and hybrid”, they form a modern framework for staging the real estate highlights optimally.

  • Annual report 2018 abcfinance GmbH

    abcfinance pushed ahead with the digitisation of its own business processes and offerings as never before in the previous fiscal year.

    This year’s annual report deals with this topic both from an editorial and factual point of view. Not only do digital projects such as the Fintech-StartUp “abcfinlab GmbH”, which was founded jointly with the Werhahn Group, offer freedom for creativity, the agency also uses its creative freedom.

    Using collage technology, brandtec creates exciting chapter motifs that depict the subject of human beings and digitisation from an internal perspective. Right in line with the philosophy of abcfinance: Digital technology must serve people – not the other way around.

    This is also attested to by the award by Focus Money 2018, which voted abcfinance “Customer Favourite 2018”. brandtec says, “Congratulations”!

  • COMview launched - Commerz Real's new corporate blog continues the maxim "Digital Asset Manager".

    To accompany Commerz Real on its way to becoming a digital asset manager, brandtec created the corporate blog “COMview”.
    As an extension of the corporate website, the design continues the precise brand language and complements it with an urban visual world.

    The new external communication channel provides direct insights into the company. The employees themselves have their say: the texts of the platform are edited by them. “COMview” thus offers direct impressions of Commerz Real and gives the reader the possibility to experience the internally lived corporate culture. The technical implementation of the blog has been executed by comwrap GmbH.

  • brandtec to design a bold campaign for Commerz Real AG for the EXPO REAL 2018 which visualises the inseparable connection between the digital and real world by fusing people and real estate.

    This creates brand awareness and visitors are also guided to the EXPO. Using employees in the campaign motifs, CR position themselves at eye level and provide authentic insight into the company.

    By adapting the campaign to the image brochure, the website and implementing a mobile marketing campaign, brandtec can multiply this effect once again and the company’s experts can engage in dialogue.

  • brandtec to oversee the advertising launch for two new mutual funds established by PATRIZIA GrundInvest

    Founded in 2015, the subsidiary PATRIZIA GrundInvest offers private and professional investors the opportunity to participate in the performance of PATRIZIA’s closed-end real estate funds. Since then, seven retail funds with an investment volume of approx. EUR 420 million have already been placed.

    brandtec will develop a key visual and a selling story for new investment properties of the successful real estate company for the fourth time.

    The “PATRIZIA GrundInvest – Frankfurt / Hofheim” and “PATRIZIA GrundInvest – Smart Living” product information brochures lend a ‘face’ to two different investment properties and, in addition to offering figures for attractive yield prospects, also provide all-round informative and illustrative information on the investment properties.

  • For the first time, brandtec designed and implemented the print and online edition of the hausInvest annual report.

    With more than 800,000 Investors and 13.2 bn Euro fund volume hausInvest is one of Europes biggest open-ended real estate funds.

    The design concept brings the new US real estates into focus and provides an overview of current figures as well as a foresight.

    The online edition provides interesting information like specialist articles, interviews and a facts & figures movie which highlight the focus topics.

  • Rebranded!

    brandtec successfully completed the rebranding of the Nordea Fund Portraits.
    From the fourth quarter of 2017 the Fund Portraits of 29 sub-funds will appear in a new design.
  • After the strong web presence for Commerz Real, brandtec translated the modern design into print and took over the conception for the corporate brochure.

    The result is a brochure in a striking format and a pleasant feel that presents Commerz Real, its beliefs and its services – in an emotional, concise and informative manner.

    The personal character and the values Commerz Real embodies have been captured in quotes and pictures from the employee photo shoot planned and overseen by brandtec.

  • For the third year in succession brandtec designed the Performance Report for Hamburg Trust – the investment, asset and fund manager with expertise in real estate.

    The Performance Report 2016 focuses on the successful models of residential, office and shopping centre spaces. In addition, the entire team is introduced for the first time – a strong team with clear goals.

    The focus is thus on the core business and competencies as well as the experts behind it. The design developed and continued by brandtec underlines the Hamburg Trust brand identity.

  • A strong digital brand image for a strong brand

    A corporate website that focus on the Commerz Real brand. brandtec developed a strong concept with its own visual world.

    The design speaks the brand’s language, provides a clear structure and distinctness. Employees receive a special role in the visual language through the photo shoot, and the corporate culture is highlighted.

    Additional clarity is achieved by the completly reworked
    content, making this a powerful und successful project.

  • brandtec are pleased to welcome Commerz Real as the latest client in their portfolio and are looking forward to helping them reach their goals in the future. After a pitch process, Commerz Real decided on brandtec, the financial brand designers.
    Commerz Real, a member of the Commerzbank Group, represents 45 years of market experience and a managed volume of some EUR 32 billion. Comprehensive asset management know-how and extensive structuring expertise combine to provide a characteristic range of services comprised of asset-oriented fund products and individualized financing. The range of funds includes the open real estate fund hausInvest, institutional investment products as well as corporate investments in the CFB Invest brand with asset investments in the main segments of aircraft, renewable energies and real estate. As a leasing provider to the Commerzbank Group, Commerz Real also offers tailored real estate leasing concepts as well as individual financing for material assets such as real estate, big-ticket real estate and infrastructure projects.
  • “Real advice“- not only the claim but also self-image for Nordlux Asset Management, which they continue to use under their new company.

    In February the NORD/LB Vermögensmanagement Luxembourg S.A changed their company name due to a MBO in Nordlux Vermögensmanagement S.A.. brandtec supports the development of its long-term client with the namefinding as well as with the changeover of the corporate design.

  • Relaunch of corporate design and website of First Private Investment Management KAG mbH

    As an independent asset manager, FIRST PRIVATE have been offering continuity, transparency and reliability for 25 years, and possess the drive to make excellent investment strategies a little better each day.

    The Frankfurt-based asset management boutique now underlines this claim with its new appearance thanks to the brandtec agency’s expertise as „financial brand designers“; that went into the strategy, conception, creation and implementation of the company’s new image.

    The corporate design was given a modern and reduced design that is both clean and clear-cut, resulting in a quality, respectable yet at the same time personable image. A redesign of the company logo combines modernity with timelessness and a clear recognition value.

    Thanks to a comprehensive concept of moving images, the website continues with the modern, authentic and personable brand strategy.

  • brandtec develops an ad campaign and online banner for the DNB Asset Management.

    DNB Asset Management is a leading Scandinavian asset manager with world class products within Nordic asset classes and selected areas globally.

    brandtec develops an advert and online banner for the DNB Technology, a UCITS IV global equities long-only fund investing in the telecom, media and technology sectors. Moreover, the at the end of 2015 launched DNB SICAV High Yield receives its own key visual. brandtec visualized the diverse Scandinavian sectors in a product ad in selected trade press.

  • For the second time brandtec conceives the Performance Report 2015 for Hamburg Trust and continues the developed Look & Feel.

    Der Geschäftsbericht der Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft für Immobilienanlagen bezieht den neuen Trend der Verschmelzung aller Lebensbereiche auch konzeptionell mit ein. Ein Design, das klar, transparent und modern ist – wie Hamburg Trust selbst. Ein von brandtec begleitetes Mitarbeiter-Shooting und die Entwicklung einer neuen Bildwelt runden den aktuellen Performance Report ab.

  • The new corporate design was met with great excitement, including by brandtec who supported the MainFirst Bank AG also with implementing further marketing materials.

    These included creating a retail brochure and portfolio as well as realizing a range of folders through to designing a trade show display, among other things.

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